Three Point Hitch Backhoes

Because the cost of renting a three point hitch backhoe can be prohibitive, many business owners and land owners find it more cost effective to purchase a quality WoodMaxx backhoe. Your backhoe will be a piece of equipment that you will turn to time and time again when you need to clear debris, dig foundations, and even level ground.

WoodMaxx manufactures three sizes of backhoes, the WM-6600, our 6-foot model; the WM-7600, our 7-foot model; and the WM-8600, our 8-foot model. Each model has different capabilities. Select the model that is right for your needs.

WoodMaxx three point hitch backhoes are easy to use, even for new operators. Our backhoes have versatile controls, allowing you to switch between SAE and ISO control patterns. Choose the pattern that you are most comfortable with, then switch control patterns with ease if a different operator prefers the other control pattern. Our backhoes feature smooth hydraulic controls that do not draw power from your tractor, enabling you to operate at full capacity without straining your tractors engine. Best of all, our backhoes are specifically designed to be easy to hitch to almost any tractor, allowing a single operator to set up the backhoe for use.

WoodMaxx prides itself on building the most durable and easy to use 3 point hitch backhoes available today. All of our backhoes are made with the best quality parts and are individually inspected for safety and functionality before they are shipped to your door. Your backhoe will last year after year if well maintained. Should anything go wrong with your backhoe, we offer a standard two year warranty with the option to purchase a three year warranty for maximum peace of mind. We also stock a full line of replacement parts that are ready to ship immediately, minimizing delays and allowing you to get back to the job quickly.

Your WoodMaxx 3 point hitch backhoe ships for free to the continental United States and Canada. Canadian customers just pay customs fees and GST tax. Call WoodMaxx if you have any questions about our backhoes or any of our other quality machines. Our knowledgeable representatives are waiting to assist you.

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