How to Use a Wood Chipper

Woodmaxx Wood Chipper Instructions:

  1. Feed smaller pieces of wood and debris into the chipper since
    larger branches and other materials could increase your risk of injury.
    Inspect every branch carefully before feeding it into the chipper to
    ensure that it is free of foreign materials that could damage the
    machine or cause injuries when discharged.
  2. Feed carefully using a long branch or pole to keep your hands away from the cutting knives. WoodMaxx dual in-feed rollers will grab and pull the material through evenly and efficiently.
  3. Dress for the job. Loose clothing, jewelry and other hanging items
    put you at risk particularly if a jam occurs. Wear snug-fitting clothing
    and protective items, including safety glasses and ear plugs.
  4. Keep your work area clean and free of debris to reduce the risk of
    falling. WoodMaxx chutes are designed to be easily maneuvered so that
    you can discharge the mulched or shredded material exactly where you
    need it to go.

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