How to Use a Chipper Shredder

A chipper shredder is a useful piece of equipment that can help cut branches and brush into mulch or other smaller chipped materials for smoking or recycling. Homemade mulch can be extremely effective. It often breaks down more quickly than purchased or processed mulch and compost to help restore nutrients more effectively. Of course, many people appreciate chipper shredders because they can help them eliminate debris. Landscaping, storm clean-up and other major projects can result in a lot of debris, including large branches, leaves, brush and other plant materials. Chipping these materials is a fast, effective way to eliminate them and clear your property.

If you are using a shredder to make wood chips, you may need to first cut the branches or tree sections into smaller sections, which can be more easily fed into the chipper. WoodMaxx features easy-to-manage chutes that allow you to disperse the chips and mulch exactly where you need them. The dual in-feed rollers grab the material as you feed it into the machine, and they pull it through evenly while maintaining consistent pressure for even-sized chips, shreds or other processed materials.

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