How is a Wood Chipper Used?

A wood chipper may well be one of the most useful pieces of equipment for anyone with a large property. Wood chippers can help you quickly and efficiently clear up branches, small limbs, leaves and other debris. They come in a variety of sizes and designs to meet the needs of homeowners and owners of larger properties, such as ranches or farms.

Once your wood chipping is done, you can use the chips in compost or your garden, you may be able to use them for barbecuing or smoking, or you may choose to recycle them for other purposes. Leaves and other materials can be turned into a nutrient-rich mulch for landscaping needs.

Each WoodMaxx wood chipper features innovative designs and unparalleled workmanship. Each chipper is put through rigorous testing that examines 22 points and allows us to ensure even the smallest details meet our exacting standards. Many parts are made in the United States, including some of the heaviest-used parts, such as the bolts and knives. We regularly adjust our designs and upgrade our equipment so that you can be confident that your machine features the most technologically advanced details available.

Our wood chipper models are made to attach to your tractor easily, and in-feed rollers will pull through branches and debris smoothly and evenly. Rollers are designed to stand up to rigorous use for years, and replacement parts are readily available and easy to attach. WoodMaxx offers a robust three-year warranty on all its wood chippers for sale and stands behind its equipment.

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