How does a Tractor Backhoe Attachment Work?

When you are considering the purchase of a tractor backhoe attachment, you may have several questions. One question that many new owners or users of backhoe attachments ask is how their machine works, and what makes one model of machine better than another.

A backhoe that attaches to a tractor utilizes power from the tractors engine to operate. The fact that the backhoe can be detached from the tractor, allowing the tractor to be used for other purposes, is a major advantage of the backhoe attachment. In addition, the fact that the backhoe detaches makes it more compact and easy to store, which is ideal for a user who does not need their backhoe every day.

WoodMaxx backhoes feature a self-contained hydraulic pump and tank, which eliminates the need to use the hydraulics from your tractor. Each tractor operates at a slightly different hydraulic pressure and flow, which can create a problem when attempting to match a backhoe to your tractor. The self-contained hydraulic pump and tank allow the backhoe to operate smoothly at a 540 RPM PTO speed, no matter what the hydraulic flow and pressure of your tractor may be.

WoodMaxx backhoes are also unique because the hydraulic pump mounts easily to the spline of a category 1 or 2 tractor, eliminating the need for shaft sizing. This capability is important because it eliminates the possibility of the shaft seizing or jamming. This particular design also makes attaching the tractor to the backhoe simpler.

Check out all three models of the WoodMaxx backhoe on our website. Each model differs slightly in their capabilities and specifications. In addition, be sure to look at the other high quality WoodMaxx machines, including our three models of wood chipper and our four models of snow blowers. All WoodMaxx machines come with a standard two year warranty and ship free within the continental United States and Canada.

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