How does a 3 Point Snow Blower Work?

WoodMaxx offers several snow blower designs including the classic 3 point snow blower, which is versatile enough to handle almost any snowy job. Each of their snow blowers are put through rigorous tests to ensure that they can stand up to your worst snows in virtually any conditions. We stand behind our snow blowers and are ready to ship replacement parts when you need them.

If you want a machine that can quickly and efficiently snow from your property, WoodMaxxs PTO snow blower may be right for you. Every snow blower we make features superior designs, master craftsmanship and the finest available materials. We stand behind our machines and are confident in their ability to stand up to even heavy use year after year.

WoodMaxx snow blowers are designed to be not just strong and durable but also user-friendly. A single operator can quickly and easily attach and replace cutting edges, skid pads and other high-use parts, and the 3-point hitch allows it to be attached to many of the most popular machines to ensure even greater ease of use. Cutting blades are sharp and durable enough to power through any snow before blowing it through the chute, which is adjustable for your convenience. Machines come with a manual crank handle but can be upgraded to electric or hydraulic rotators and deflectors. Snow blowers feature the strongest plate steel available to ensure strength and durability, and pieces are laser cut for a precise fit before being welded for additional strength.

Shipping and handling on WoodMaxx equipment is free to Canada and the lower 48 states, and snow blowers feature a robust two-year warranty that can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when purchasing a major piece of equipment.

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