How does a 3 Point Hitch Snow Blower Work?

Preparing for the arrival of winter can be a big job. If you are a property owner, not only do you need to protect your landscape but you also need to find snow removal equipment that fits your life. WoodMaxx offers a variety of 3 point hitch snow blowers for sale to meet your needs. The 3 point hitch snow blower is one of its most popular models.

This snow blower tractor accessory is available in two different sizes to manage various depths and types of snow or different sizes of property. It attaches to the tractor so easily that a single operator can manage it. The tractor then powers and maneuvers the snow blower wherever you need it to go. The snow is then pulled into the blower using the heavy duty auger. As the snow passes through the blower, it is expelled through the adjustable chute. The chute can direct snow to the side of the cleared area or into a container for collection and movement. Choose a larger cutting width and depth if you have a large, powerful tractor. Smaller cutting widths may be more appropriate for smaller tractors.

WoodMaxx prides itself on using superior materials and the finest craftsmanship on each product they make. Every snow blower model is put through rigorous testing to ensure that it can stand up to years of service. Replacement parts are easy to remove and replace, and the durable, precision-cut pieces are designed to provide you with service under virtually any condition. They are so confident in their products that they offer a robust two-year warranty, and they ship for free throughout the continental U.S. and Canada. Contact WoodMaxx today to learn more about their skid steer snow blower or other available snow blowers and other products or to place your order.

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