How do wood shredders work?

Breaking down larger branches and shrubbery can be a time-consuming task for those that do not have the correct equipment. Those that are looking into clearing their own property or carrying out these projects commercially should understand how a wood chipper works and the features that these chippers offer.

The average chipper shredder is a very simple piece of machinery that has only a few main components. This begins with the infeed rollers which pull branches into the chipper head. Rapidly rotating blades will then break the branches down into manageable chips, sending them out through the discharge chute. Contrary to popular belief, the size and angle of the blades is not an important factor when determining the overall size of the shredded material.

The WM-8H Hydraulic wood shredder here at WoodMaxx Power Equipment comes with a number of features including variable sped for the in-feed rollers. By changing these speeds, operators can control the size of the chips that are being produced and can accommodate for larger or twisted branches.

If you have recently been on the search for a wood chipper, the experienced staff here at WoodMaxx Power Equipment is here to help. We have provided durable and efficient shredders to countless customers that use them repeatedly for private or commercial projects. Feel free to take a look at our mechanical and hydraulic shredders to see which of these amazing machines may be perfect for your own needs.

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