How do wood chippers work?

For those that are looking to clear away debris from their personal or commercial property, PTO wood chippers will turn this lengthy chore into a quick and easy task. Here at WoodMaxx Power Equipment, we provide our customers with some of the most durable and efficient chippers on the market that will stand up to an incredible amount of wear and tear and continue to operate flawlessly. Here is a quick look at how our chippers work and some of the unique features that allow our products standing out from the competition.

These 3pt wood chippers are first attached to a tractor or similar piece of machinery in order to provide the infeed rollers as well as the blades with power. WoodMaxx utilizes dual-infeed rollers that will quickly grab even the largest of limbs and draw them into the machine without the need for the operator to exert huge amounts of time and energy on the project. As the branch is pulled in, the high-carbon blades will then mulch the branches up to 8″ in diameter. Operators can change the speed of the infeed rollers to accommodate larger branches or to alter the overall size of each chip.

The unit will then expel the mulch out of the chute to the side of the machinery or into a collection bin of any sort. For those that have operated tractor mounted wood chippers before, it is often apparent just how difficult these devices can be without important features such as quick-change blades, reverse settings on infeed rollers, and EZ-Hitch options. This is why we have done extensive research in order to make our chippers stand out from all others.

If you are in need of a wood chipper for personal or commercial use, contact WoodMaxx today to see which of our durable machines will be right for you.

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