Do I need a wood chipper or wood shredder?

A wood shredder is a large piece of equipment that was designed to clear away natural debris from one’s property. These types of units come in a number of styles and types and many property owners and business owners may be unsure if they do in fact need a shredder for private or commercial use. Here is a look at just a few of the tasks that these machines were designed to carry out as well as some of the time-saving features that WoodMaxx is proud to include on our trusted products.

Over time, anyone that has trees, bushes, or other natural debris on their property may notice that they need to clear off their property. A 3pt wood chipper is the perfect device to break down larger branches and other types of shrubbery into manageable chips. For those that are unsure if they require this type of equipment, a chipper can often turn a lengthy project into a quick and painless chore. We include as many American made parts on each of our products as we can, and this allows our customers to be sure that they are getting a quality product that was built with durability in mind.

In addition to paying attention to the smallest of details, our chippers also come with some of the industry-leading features that customers have come to expect. This includes options ranging from dual-infeed rollers to shredding blades with adjustable speeds. Operators will be able to quickly break down even the largest of branches into chips of any number of sizes.

If you would like to see just how affordable a chipper can be for your own private or commercial use, give WoodMaxx Power Equipment a call today. We offer both hydraulic and mechanical feed chippers that will work perfectly for jobs of all sizes.

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