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WoodMaxx WM-8M
WoodMaxx WM-8M
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8" PTO Wood Chipper - with Auto Infeed
American Made Reversible Knives Installed On Every Chipper



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The WoodMaxx WM-8M mechanical auto-feed wood chipper is a robust self-feeding PTO driven wood chipper attachment that mounts to the 3 point hitch of your tractor. This PTO wood chipper is compact, yet built to withstand rigorous use. Dual infeed rollers grab and pull material into the chipper head using a sturdy belt driven gear box and drive axle system. High quality (A8 tool steel) made in the U.S.A. chipper knives are standard equipment on all WM-series wood chippers. Check out these features. The WoodMaxx WM-series chippers are so unique and innovate that they are now patent pending. Attempts have been made to copy this machine, but there is only one WoodMaxx! Check out these features:

- USA and International Patents Pending

- Strength in design, CNC plasma cut structural plate steel

- 19 hp. min. required

- 3 pt. hitch mount- fits category 1 or category 2 (cat-1 quick hitch)

- 8" x 8" In-Feed opening

- 200 lb. 24" Diameter Flywheel (dynamically balanced)

- 2-Reversible Made in the USA fly wheel knives, 1 bed knife (anvil)

- 1120 RPM Flywheel speed
Tachometer/ Hour meter (to ensure proper operating speed)

- Mechanical gear driven in-feed system

- Infeed rate 58 ft. /min.

- Hardened 6.25" dia. chisel type in-feed roller

- Quick hitch Compatible (category 1 quick hitch only)

- 360 Degree swivel discharge chute

- Adjustable base legs w/ skid shoe type base

- High flow chamber ventilation

- 2" diameter main shaft

- 3-Heavy duty cast steel main shaft bearings

- Adjustable infeed roller down pressure

- Weight 950 lbs. (shipping) Steel crate L=46" x W=36" x H=48"

- 8mm thick steel fly wheel housing

- Easy access fly wheel knife panel

- Adjustable bed knife (to achieve proper knife gap)

- 5 Heavy duty cogged drive belts

- Safety stop bar

- Horizontal "table height" in-feed hopper for easy loading

- Baked on powder coat finish

- Clear vinyl chip baffle

- PTO shaft included (shear bolt protected) (optional Premium shaft available)

- Colors available; Red, Orange. Color samples available, please request if color shade is a concern

- 3 yr. parts warranty

- 90% assembled upon delivery

- FREE shipping USA & Canada (lower 48 only, AK and HI extra)

Another WoodMaxx exclusive! Designed by WoodMaxx, copied by some. We all know what happens to the branches when they reach the flywheel, but getting the material to pull into the chippers quickly and effectively is the trick. Many factors come into play when designing an effective in-feed roller: the overall diameter, blade spacing, tooth angle, type of steel, hardness, down pressure and speed. After countless hours of R&D on the in-feed system, we have developed a large diameter (6.25") in-feed roller that easily climbs up and grabs the branches to bite in and efficiently pull the material into the flywheel at up to 58 ft./min. The larger the roller, the easier it rolls over the material. The smaller the roller, the more likely it is to slip and spin on the branches. We equate this to the small wheels of a shopping cart stopping when it contacts a small stone in the parking lot. WoodMaxx auto feed wood chippers utilize in-feed rollers with high carbon steel chisel teeth. This type of in-feed roller is found on larger, much more expensive machines.

We have also spaced the teeth out to prevent material like leaves and bark from getting impacted between the teeth. This allows the roller to self-clean, and also allows the 165 lbs. of down pressure to focus on fewer teeth which increases the bite. These rollers, along with the high tension springs aggressively bite into any type of material. After welding, these rollers are induction hardened to ensure that the teeth stay sharp for many years to come. The advantage of this type of roller is that is aggressively grabs any size limb up to 8" with or without leaves. Small, vine type material as well as long or short needle pine is no problem for the WoodMaxx WM series chipper. Vines, leaves, and small branches won't wrap around the roller as they would on other chippers. The advanced design of our in-feed rollers is a feature that should not be overlooked when shopping for a wood chipper. Our in-feed roller designs are so effective and unique that we now have patents pending.


The in-feed system on the WM-8M utilizes a belt driven oil bath heavy duty gear box that increases torque and transfers power to the upper feed roller through an extreme duty drive axle. For long life, the drive axle is machined splined (similar to the PTO spline of your tractor), and the U-joints are protected from debris by a rubber boot. The clutch mechanism is precisely machined from solid steel to ensure proper function. This in-feed system will feed material at a rate of 58 ft./min.


All WoodMaxx WM-series chippers are now category 1 quick hitch compatible. WoodMaxx is the only PTO chipper that works with quick hitch (**John Deere I-match/Land Pride QH10 require a special top link that we make for this purpose, please call to specify if you need this). Save time by never leaving the seat of your tractor to link up with the WM-series chipper. Attaching the chipper to your quick hitch takes only seconds. Please note, you'll need the Premium PTO shaft or a longer imported PTO shaft if you have a quick hitch (contact us for more info). Check out our video tab to see the quick hitch in action! No quick hitch? No problem. The chipper will easily attach to a standard 3pt hitch, just back in and insert the pins. No need to force the draw arms of your tractor around the draw pins (as with many other implements)

360 degrees of rotation and 2 finger operation. We have incorporated a convenient handle that effortlessly allows you to swivel the discharge chute so that you can direct the chips into the back of a truck or trailer without having to move the entire machine. Simply push down on the handle and swing the chute. When you release the handle a spring loaded pin drops down to lock the chute into position. No tools required.


Because of its robust weight and to prevent the machine from sinking into the soft ground during operation, the new WM-8H offers a wide footprint skid type support base. This base is angle upward on the end to prevent digging into the ground while transporting.


You asked for it and we delivered! In 2012 WoodMaxx developed the first adjustable chipper base legs. These adjustable legs will help accommodate a larger variety of tractors. This innovation allows you to more easily meet the required PTO shaft angle (less than 15 degrees) on larger tractors. Simply insert the adjustable legs, and then slide the pin into the hole for your required leg height. WoodMaxx PTO wood chippers are able to accommodate tractors that have a PTO height from 18" to 30" high.


WoodMaxx WM-series wood chipper attachments incorporate a series of precisely located ventilation holes in the flywheel chamber. This feature creates a strong vacuum that draws air into the flywheel chamber and in combination with the fan blades on the back of the flywheel forcefully ejects the chips out of the chamber. This keeps the discharge chute clear, and reduces the chances of a jam. The WoodMaxx patent pending hole pattern is specifically designed to bring the air into the chamber at the optimal volume and location. Other machines have tried to copy this feature, but have not achieved the same results!


Three heavy duty cast steel bearings support the main shaft, which passes through the flywheel housing, and is supported on either side by flange bearings. This heavy duty, shock resistant cast steel bearings are much more durable than cast iron - a unique feature of the WoodMaxx chipper.


The 2" main shaft on the WM-series PTO wood chippers passes through the flywheel housing and is supported by 1 pillow block and 2 flange bearings. This feature, combined with the 2" shaft, allows the flywheel to run truer, and adds a great deal of strength. Other chippers use a 1-3/4" shaft, 2 pillow block bearings, and the flywheel is cantilevered beyond the bearing. With this setup, there is a possibility of breaking a bearing housing the machine jams.


The WoodMaxx WM-series chipper utilizes high tension springs in conjunction with a unique adjustment mechanism that offers a full range of variable down pressure, since all branches are different - some soft and some hard. This feature allows the user to increase to decrease the upper roller down pressure to suit the situation. Crank up the tension to achieve up to 165 lbs. of down pressure. This allows the teeth on the roller to dig into the branches and ensure a smooth entry into the chipper head.


WM-8M... 950lbs (shipping) Steel crate dimentions are L=46" x W=36" x H=48"

More weight = more steel

More strength and stability... period.


WoodMaxx WM-series chippers use heavy gauge 8mm thick Q235 (American Standard A-36) structural steel plate for the flywheel housing. Since the flange bearings are mounted on the flywheel housing, this gives added strength and rigidity. Other chippers use only 1/4" steel.


WoodMaxx WM-series chipper knives can be changed from the side of the machine by one person in as little as 10 minutes. Other chippers require you to reach into the infeed bin to hold the head of the bolt, while someone else turns the nut from the backside of the flywheel.


WoodMaxx WM-series wood chippers are equipped with an adjustable bed knife to ensure that the proper knife gap is achieved. This feature allows the user to adjust the distance between the flywheel knife and the bed knife so that the required distance is maintained after knife sharpening. Proper gap is important so that even the smallest material is chipped as it passes through the chipper.


WoodMaxx WM-series chippers are equipped with extreme duty 5/8" wide cogged drive v-belts. Cogged v-belts run cooler, and transfer more torque than plain smooth v-belts. Although the OEM belts are very high quality, if the need arises, the standard BX size allows you to purchase replacement v-belts at any auto parts store. Other chippers use 15mm belts - try to find those in the USA!


Safety is paramount on WoodMaxx chippers. Located on the top of the in-feed bin, the WoodMaxx 8" PTO chipper utilizes an easy to activate auto-feed stop safety bar to disengage the in-feed rollers in case of an emergency, or to clear the in-feed bin if necessary. This safety bar can be actuated and left in the off position, hands free, so that the operator can use both hands to clear the in-feed bin. This feature is safer because it allows the user to start the chipper without the feed rollers turning. Other chippers require a hand on the safety bar to keep the feed rollers in the off position.


This feature allows the user to access the handle from either side of the machine. The center lift point allows the WM-series chipper to use stronger tension springs, increasing the in-feed ability.


The in-feed hopper on the WM-series wood chippers is horizontal and approximately table height for easy material loading.


The powder coat finish is baked on at 450 degrees, and is thicker and more durable than ordinary paint.


The clear vinyl baffle feature protects the user from chip blow-back, while allowing the user to see what is going on in the hopper.


This robust PTO driven wood chipper comes with an equally robust 3 year warranty. Our service department also stocks a full line of replacement parts.


WoodMaxx wood chippers include a standard PTO shaft, but for an additional $135.00 upgrade charge, we do offer a very high quality Premium PTO shaft. The Premium shaft retails for $250 if purchased separately from the machine. Have a quick hitch? The Premium shaft is compatible, or ask about our longer imported PTO shaft.


WoodMaxx chippers come shipped to you in a steel crate and are almost completely assembled. Simply attach the in-feed bin, discharge chute, PTO shaft (included), and attach to your tractor. All WoodMaxx chippers are given a comprehensive 22 point inspection, and are serviced prior to leaving our warehouse. The drive belts have been aligned and tightened, knives have been installed, adjusted, and torqued down, and bearings have been greased. These and other steps performed here greatly reduce assembly time on your end. Just follow the illustrated, American written, user friendly assembly manual (and watch the video), and you will be up and running in about 2 hours.


WoodMaxx chippers are extremely robust, and can handle heavy use. Designed in upstate New York, each machine we offer is thoroughly tested on our 18 acre proving grounds before being offered to the public. With years of experience and thousands of machines in service today, we are confident that this machine can handle even the toughest projects that you have. Our machines are currently in service in several commercial applications, such as: the Army Corps of Engineers, college campuses, municipalities, tree farms, golf courses, apartment complexes, and thousands of residences. WoodMaxx wood chippers are also represented around the globe, with machines as far away as Hawaii, and Alaska, as well as several countries including: Chile, Russia, Panama, Colombia, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Israel, West Africa, Greece, Norway, Iceland, Ecuador, Honduras, Ireland and of course Canada.


Do not be fooled by imitators. WoodMaxx is the original chipper of this design. We have spent hundreds of hours designing and testing to create this machine. WoodMaxx offers the highest level of quality and innovation with many exclusive features not found anywhere else. Cheap knock-offs do not have the quality workmanship and history of satisfied customers that WoodMaxx has. Just compare our reviews to those of the competitors, and you can see for yourself!


At WoodMaxx our service department is staffed with professional certified technicians that inspect each machine before it is shipped. This ensures that you get a trouble free machine from the get go. When you need technical help or parts, our courteous staff can help you get what you need from our fully stocked warehouse.

California Residents See Prop 65 WARNINGS

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4 of 5 Wisconsin Farmer January 5, 2021
Reviewer: Patrick Amerson from Black Creek, WI United States  
I researched several brands of wood chippers and chose the WoodMaxx for two major reasons; price and product claims.  Assembly was pretty straight forward and I had no difficulty getting it together in a few hours.  I was disappointed in the finish, running paint in spots and water bubbled under the paint around the weld joints of the feed roller assist lever.   As long as it holds up, I’m more a function over fashion guy anyway.  At first I was a little skeptical of the claim that it would chip pieces up to 5”, but I put it through the paces.  With my 46 horse Kubota providing the horsepower the chipper chewed up everything I threw at it and performed marvelously.  So far, I am extremely happy with its performance.

Good points;  performance/assembled with heavy duty materials / ease of assembly
Bad points;  paint finish

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Just WOW! January 4, 2021
Reviewer: Mike Rowe from Oak Harbor, WA  
This chipper is great, easy assembly, hooked it up to my 30 HP New Holland and decided to clean up the downed limbs in the front yard. Just wow, it handled everything easily.  The yard was clean in about a half hour and my wife is loving the mulch. She is now pointing out trees that can be sacrificed for more mulch. Thanks for a GREAT product!

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Impressed December 14, 2020
Reviewer: John Otruba from Huddleston, VA USA  
I am so impressed with the quality of this unit. I did a ton of research before buying and this chipper has not let me down. My tractor is at the lower end of the acceptable pro horsepower range and it chewed a 5 inch Bradford pear beach like it was nothing! Absolutely elated!

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 I have wanted this chipper for a long time November 11, 2020
Reviewer: John R Dollahan from Weed , NM United States  
I have wanted this chipper for about 5 years and I finally made the purchase. I love the machine because it is safer than the one I previously owned, that chipper would almost pull you into the machine - this chipper feeds at 50 feet per minute. It is an excellent built machine and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a wood chipper.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 WM-8M November 11, 2020
Reviewer: Dempsey Stover from Lexington, TX United States  
Received my chipper Friday afternoon. The shipping company was very easy to work with. When the truck showed up the driver pointed out the markings on the box for the no forks area. Assembly was very straight forward. I did rotate the in-feed bin bottom section as this keeps the bolt heads/nuts below the feed area and seems to work perfect. I used the machine for 3 or 4 hours Saturday and now have a big pile of wood chips. This is a great machine.

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