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FM-78H PTO Flail Mower (78") with hydraulic side shift
FM-78H PTO Flail Mower (78") with hydraulic side shift

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NSK is a leading bearing and motion control manufacturing company founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1916. Today NSK has several plants around the world including England, Germany, USA and Switzerland and by far one the best quality bearings available on the market today. Although these bearings are very costly, we feel that in an application with high load and dynamic forces such as a flail mower that such high quality bearings are required. These bearings are noticeably smoother, quieter, and cooler running than any competitor and far superior to any no-name brand. Some inferior bearings contain plastic interior ball cages that are susceptible to breakage from shock loads. Poor material and tolerances generate excessive heat that translates into premature bearing failure and even belt wear as the heat travel to the pulleys and the belts. All bearings are not created equal, and this is a feature that should not be overlooked when shopping for a flail mower.






804 LBS. (mower weight only) PTO shaft weighs an additional 39 lbs.


30-65 PTO horse power


3/4" - 4" Adjustable to meet various height requirements


4 Gauge .25" structural Q235 roll formed steel for durability.


1/4" .250" Structural Q235 roll formed steel for durability.


Duckfoot or reversible Y-blades. Our duckfoot blades are 40cr, alloy structural steel. (American standard, AISI/SAE/ASTM steel no: 5140) and forged to a tapered wedge shape to avoid material buildup on the blades. Each blade weighs 1.85 lb. (cast steel is much more durable than cast iron) competitors use flat face blades. Side by side comparison of WoodMaxx exclusive duckfoot design: The reversible Y-blades are made from .33" 60si2mn, spring steel, (American standard: A29m) formed, heat treated, and quenched in oil and weigh 1.75 lb. each. Use the duckfoot blades for clearing saplings (1" diameter or less), and the Y-blades for grasses.


22 Duck-foot or 44 Y- blades w/ 22 ctr blades between the Y (WoodMaxx exclusive)


The blades are staggered precisely with no gap in the mowing area. Blade overlap is important to achieve an even cutting result.


This allows for easy inspection, cleaning, blade changing, and maintenance of your machine. The rear gate can also be left open for easier discharge in heavy conditions, or you can close the gate to greater mulching.


The rotor spins in the opposite direction as the wheels of the tractor when traveling forward. This allows the blades to shear the material as it is folded forward by the mowers. The material is then thrown up and over the rotor.


4.25"- Heavy duty 5/16" wall tubing for long life.


The rotor tube is balance to reduce vibration and ensures that the mower runs smooth, and reduces wear on the bearings.


The V-belt pulleys are heavy duty cast iron and balance to eliminate vibration, and run smooth.


Large swing so that the blades build required inertia.


2160 RPM


128 ft./sec - High tip speed = efficiency to cleanly cut material


Category 1 standard 3 point or category 1 quick hitch - will attach to any cat 1- 3 point hitch and will also work with cat 1 quick hitch (except John Deere I-Match)


Shifted left (36"L/43"R), shifted right (22.5"L/57"R). This feature allows for variable offset from the center to the right of the tractor. This feature is helpful for mowing around fences, buildings, walkways, etc. Total offset can reach 18". NOTE: Requires rear hydraulic remotes on tractor. We cannot supply these if your tractor does not already have them, they must be dealer or factory installed. (Hose ends that connect to the tractor are fitted with 1/2-14 NPTF threads, you will have to provide the corresponding fittings to complete the connection to your tractor.)


3 Total B-series USA gates "truflex" - we use only USA made gates belts on our flail mowers for long life. (Easy to find SAE standard belt size BX39)


Solid state automatic - this feature automatically adjust the belt tension so you don't have to worry about slippage or overworking the belts. This feature greatly increases the belt life.


540 ONLY


Up to 55 hp. Heavy duty proven oil bath gearbox for long life.


Cast iron 540 RPM with internal over-running clutch - when the PTO shaft is disengaged the built in over running clutch allows the PTO shaft to stop turning while the gearbox and rotor shaft slow down gradually. This is an important feature, without it, the gearbox will slam to a halt when the PTO is disengaged, causing stress to the gearbox and your tractor. This feature should not be overlooked when shopping for a mower.


The skid shoes reduce gouging are bolt on so you can adjust or replace them easily when the time comes.


1-3/8" 6 spline w/slip clutch.


Accessible greasable bearings for easy maintenance.


5.25" With tapered ends - this roller contacts the ground to ensure even cutting height. The ends of this roller are rounded to eliminate gouging when turning corners. A scraper bar ensures that mud and debris buildup is cleaned off as you go.


The rust resistant baked on powder coat finish is more durable than conventional paint to keep your machine looking good for years.


A robust machine with an equally robust warranty.


At WoodMaxx our service department is staffed with professional certified technicians that inspect each machine before it is shipped. This ensures that you get a trouble free machine from the get go. When you need technical help or parts, our courteous staff can help you get what you need from our fully stocked warehouse. We keep a full line of replacement parts, and guarantee that we can ship any part within 24 hours.


To see technical drawings of this machine click on the image of the manual below.


Color swatches are available. Please request if color matching is a concern.

Call at 855-966-3629

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Flail Mower October 30, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Dalton, GA United States  
I was immediately impressed with the strength in the shipping crate, which was 1-1/2x1-1/2 steel angle.  It took awhile to disassemble the unit from the crating, but everything was in good shape, with no damage from common carrier shipping.  Fit and finish is excellent.  The assembly took a couple hours, but everything went together nicely, and the unit started up with no problems.  I am very pleased with the quality of cut I'm getting.  My pastures range from mostly grass to heavy weeds and a few small saplings.  I got the duckfoot blades installed, with a set of y-blades also.  No question about recommending the product.  It's sturdy and well built, and my pastures look great.  The only tiny knock is that Woodmaxx puts a plastic cylinder with a screw-on lid on the mower deck to hold the instruction manual.  The lid got knocked off at the first heavy brush and limbs I went through.  No big loss, just seems unnecessary.  Overall, a very satisfied customer.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Best bang for the buck ! September 24, 2017
Reviewer: Jeffrey Baker from Prospect, ME United States  
First Flail mower i have used has performed great have used it with Y blades and Ducks foot
blades both work great,had one set of Y blades come off (my fault should have re tightened them
after first time per manual ) no damage except to nut and bolt (ez fix)  I do use lock tight red when changing blades to make sure they stay tight !
The folks at Woodmax went out of their way to get my order to me as fast as they could and answered all my questions before and after I bought it ! READ LUBE CHART on page 19 and 20 not much lube needed at all,I got to 25 HRs and called because I thought that was the time to grease everything and was told only the PTO shaft needed it ! If you want your lawn to look like it was mowed with a reel mower but without the the problems buy their Flail mower ! The side shift works great also,unit is heavy and well built I am running a  
Mahindra 3616 HST with no problems at all .
Will buy from them again !

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Exceed expectations August 16, 2017
Reviewer: Paul G from Dexter, ME United States  
Honestly, after pricing and looking at other mfgr flail mowers, I was concerned that WoodMaxx might mot be producing a quality product - simply based on the price differences.
I was wrong. This unit is well built and works great. I bought it with the Y blades because most of what I'll cut is grass field, with the occasional small sapling that always seem to crop up.  On 2-3' hay, this cut without a hitch and left a cut as good as a finish mower. It didn't even notice the small saplings, and left the cuttings evenly distributed. The grass was finely chopped up and without clumps, and decays nicely. Went right over a raised rock (that I forgot about)  that would have been sent flying and probably damaged my bush hog.
So much more maneuverable and able to get into tighter areas than my bush hog, too.
The hydraulic offset was very handy when cutting close to the fence and woods lines, so glad I got that feature.
WoodMaxx, thanks!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
FM-78H Flail Mower Inital impression July 14, 2017
Reviewer: Dan from Fairdealing, MO United States  
Ordered with Duck Foot hammers. Arrived undamaged. Only used for a couple hours so far to test how it cuts different types of growth. Cuts 2-4" grass cleaner than my 72" finish mower, Cuts 2' pasture grass better than bush hog without windrows or uncut tire tracks. Mulches 1-2" saplings that bush hog left laying on ground. Cuts 2 year growth in pasture with 3' tall grass and weeds with 1" sumac and black cherry saplings at same speed as 5' bush hog on same tractor but leaves much better finish. Has mulched several 2-4" branches that have fallen from trees. Hit couple low lying stumps and no damage found. Long term durability to be determined, but so far this thing is tough and leaves very nice finish. Bought it to replace finish mower and bush hog. Very pleased with it so far.
UPDATE: Nuts holding flails loosen on their own. Need better lock nuts Gland Nut in end of hydraulic cylinder came loose and had to be re-installed. Otherwise still holding up well and would buy again.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
A Monster July 11, 2017
Reviewer: Padraic from NV United States  
The FM 78-H is a tough machine. It ate up 1" and larger willows if I drove slowly, and went through smaller brush as if it weren't there. My 65hp tractor was sufficient to run it, although if you're consistently cutting larger saplings, I would use a more powerful tractor. The finish and materials on the flail are great and look as though they'll hold up for many years. The hydraulic shift is well worth the small added cost if you ever intend to mow around obstacles like fences, large rocks, posts, etc. I found the duckfoot blades to be the right choice for the kinds of rough cutting I wanted to do on larger brush and woody plants.

A few small details could be improved to make this machine great: the document holder, hydraulic line routing, and hanger for the PTO could all be better.

None of these details would stop me from buying the machine if you need a sturdy, affordable flail, but fixing them would take it from good to great.

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