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3pt Wood Chipper

3pt Wood Chipper
3pt Wood Chipper
Here at WoodMaxx Power Equipment, we do not believe that large jobs necessarily need to be difficult or time-consuming. This is why we are completely devoted to providing each of our customers with the highest quality products that will work just as hard as them and stand up to daily use and abuse. If you are ready for a 3pt wood chipper that will exceed all of your expectations, we have exactly what you need.

What sets our 3pt wood chipper apart from all others is the attention that we pay to every single detail. From each of the bolts to our through hardened blades, there is not one component on these machines that was not built to last. For those that would like the confidence that they are buying the absolute best product possible, we ensure that all of our blades are only made in the USA and are made of high chromium, high carbon, and heat treated.

In addition to offering a rugged wood chipper to each of our customers, we also believe that it is our responsibility to include all of the features that will make the clearing out of branches, dead trees, shrubbery and other debris as easy as possible. This includes unique double infeed rollers that will require the operator to spend less of their own time and energy on every job. These spring infeed rollers will aggressively grab limbs that are up to 8� in size, applying constant pressure as it pulls them in.

For those that would finally like a reliable way to change the size of their chips, every WoodMaxx 3pt wood chipper also comes with variable speed options. While many other companies rely on adjustable blades in order to change the sizing, this can quickly damage the blades and other internal components of the tool. The most efficient and effective way to regulate the sizing is with an adjustable speed that will keep blades in working condition for years on end.

If you are ready for the best 3pt wood chipper on the market, look through our full line of products and you are sure to find a WoodMaxx tool that is right for you.