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Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper

Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper
Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper
When performing heavy-duty chores, people need machinery they can rely on to get the job done right every time, for a long time. That is why WoodMaxx Power Equipment is dedicated to offering only the highest quality products at prices that will fit any budget. If you are on the lookout for a tractor mounted wood chipper, browse our full line of outstanding products, and you are sure to find the machine that you need.

What sets a tractor mounted wood chipper from WoodMaxx apart from all other chippers? It is our absolute devotion to detail. From the smallest bolt to the hydraulics and power feeds, we have thoroughly tested all of our products so that our customers will be satisfied every single time. In addition to attention to every minute detail of our machines, we are also proud to offer some of the most advanced features available today on our machines; features that will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For many years, it was "common knowledge" in the forestry industry that the size of wood chips produced by a chipper was determined by the angle of the blades. Historically, these individuals struggled trying to adjust the angles of their blades to create the optimal chip size.

What has been discovered recently is that the chip size is actually determined by the speed of the blades�not the angle. WoodMaxx tractor mounted wood chippers have taken advantage of this discovery, and have created wood chippers with variable speeds, which allow users to actually create wood chip size that suits his or her purposes best. Operators can regulate their chip size regardless of the type of tree branch that is placed in the machine.

If you are ready for a robust and durable machine that will get the job done time and time again, take a look at our full line of wood chippers and wood chipper accessories here at WoodMaxx Power Equipment.