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What is a 3 Point Snow Blower?

WoodMaxx offers a variety of snow blower models, including the customer favorite 3 point snow blower. Our 3 point snow blowers are built with your needs in mind. They feature the finest available materials, superior craftsmanship and innovative designs, and we stand behind our equipment with a robust two-year warranty. Replacement parts are ready to ship whenever you need them. Cutting edges, skip pads and other parts are all made to be removed and attached with ease.

The cutting blades of our 3 point snow blowers are durable and designed to manage virtually any snow, and the adjustable chute allows you to manage the snow output. Manual crank handles can be upgraded as needed, and you have the choice between electric and hydraulic rotators and deflectors. Durable steel plate that is precision laser cut combines strength and durability for strong, lasting results.

Unlike our skid steer snow blower, our 3 point snow blowers are powered right through your tractor. We recommend an engine with an 18 to 30 horsepower motor for our 60 inch snow blowers and an engine with a 25 to 65 horsepower motor for a 72 inch snow blowers. Having the correct sized motor increases the snow blower’s efficiency and helps you get the job done.

These machines combine the strength and size that you need to clear the snow from virtually any surface, but are still light enough to be maneuvered and used by a single operator. Even replacement parts are easy for a single user to attach and ready to ship whenever you need them. If you are interested in learning more about how a PTO snow blower can simplify your life, give us a call. Shipping and handling is free throughout the lower 48 states and Canada.

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