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How does a 3 Point Hitch Snow Blower Work?

Heavy snows are just a fact of life during the winter in some areas. If you live in one of those areas, your goal is likely just to get the job done without any unnecessary hitches or inconveniences. WoodMaxx offers a series of snow blowers to meet virtually any need and that can handle virtually any type of snow.

Their 3 point hitch snow blower is one of their most popular models. The three point blower features a category one hitch that allows it to be connected directly to your tractor’s three point hitch. It is powered directly through your tractor and can be easily attached, operated and detached by a single operator. The 3 point blower is not only easy to operate but also easy to maintain. Choose from two different cutting widths for maximum versatility.

Replaceable parts such as the cutting edges and skid shoes are fast and simple to replace, and are ready to ship whenever you need them. Manual crank handles are standard, but you can upgrade to an electric or hydraulic rotator and deflectors. Movable chutes make it easy to adjust the angle of the snow, and generous cutting widths slice through even heavy, wet snows for fast, effective cleaning. WoodMaxx designs their snow blowers to last with the strongest plate steel available and precise laser cut pieces for a strong, virtually seamless design.

Skid steer snow blower attachments are also available. These snow blowers are among the highest quality equipment of their type available on the market today. Contact our customer service representatives today to learn more about our available snow blower models or to place your order. All snow blowers come with a generous two-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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