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SM-26 14hp. (26" capacity) Portable Sawmill

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WoodMaxx SM-26
ONLY $3,950.00



Product Code: SM-26


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WoodMaxx 26" capacity 14 hp. portable sawmill.


The WoodMaxx™ SM-26/e portable sawmill is capable of sawing logs up to 26" in diameter into lumber 20" wide and up to 16'-6" in length along a standard 19'-2" track. The SM-26/e was designed to include standard features not found on competing mills in this class. WoodMaxx quality and dependability offer a robust, intuitive, easy to operate and maintain portable sawmill. Check out these features:


The WoodMaxx™ SM-26/e is assembled in the USA using American Made and imported components. The mill cutting head and frame are completely assembled and adjusted for you then shipped on a plywood crate. You will simply need to assemble and level the track, slide the mill off the crate and onto the track. (Click on the operation manual link at the bottom of this page for more info). You can be up and sawing in as little as two hours. Competitors require you to assemble every nut and bolt to complete your mill. This can take days to complete and is often difficult to follow the instructions.


19'-2" total length galvanized track made up of three 6'-5" sections (1/4" thick steel 2-1/2" x 4" L-section) provide a stronger, stiffer track and allows you to saw logs up to 16'-6". (Additional sections of track can be added for even longer timbers if needed). Other manufacturers use 4' track sections to make up their 12' track and will allow for a 10' log at best.


Bi-metal blades can cut 3-4 times as much timber than standard carbon steel blades but require a bit more power to run, and are a "must have" when sawing hard woods. Bi-metal is similar in composition to a hack saw blade, whereas carbon steel blades are most similar to a carpenters hand saw, and we all know what happens when you run unto a nail with one of those. Additionally, the WoodMaxx™ SM-26/e is equipped with a 14HP engine when our competitors are happy to sell their 26" capacity mills with only a 9.5HP? Because we want milling to be as easy as possible and reduce maintenance intervals. With the 14HP engine we can utilize a bi-metal blade with a heavy offset of .024" whereas standard offset is .020". A wider offset allows more clearance for the blade to slide through the timber which reduces friction, heat and pitch build-up, and ultimately increases blade life and reduces sharpening intervals.

Timber Master TK-B Sterling Saw Blades are made right here in upstate NY by Diamond Saw Works. These bi-metal blades are made with M42 steel cutting teeth. M42 super high-speed steel is a premium cobalt high-speed steel with a chemical composition designed for high hardness and superior hot hardness. M42 exhibits excellent wear resistance, high heat-treated hardness (68 to 70 HRC), and the high cobalt content. Cutting edges on tools made from M42 super high-speed steel stay sharp and hard in heavy-duty and high-production cutting applications.


Kohler Command Pro series engines offer maximum power and rugged reliability. Complete with cast iron cylinder bores, overhead valve technology, larger capacity oil and fuel filters, and high-performance spark plugs. Command Pro engines deliver years of nearly service-free operation. Equipped with an Oil Sentry™ automatic low oil engine shutdown system to prevent damage to the engine if the oil level gets low.


Even though Kohler engines are very easy to start, when sawing, you will start and stop the engine many times throughout the day while loading logs or adjusting the saw head height. Additionally, the engine is typically chest high when the saw head is raised to cut a 26" log. Included with this option is the battery and an internal 10 Amp charging system. Save your shoulder!


This feature turns on the water blade lubrication when the throttle is engaged and shuts off the flow automatically when the throttle is disengaged. Competing mills require you to manually open and close the valve when sawing, but if you forget to open the valve for even a second, the blade will burn, and if you forget to close the valve, all of the water will run out onto the ground very quickly soaking the working area below the mill. this feature is typically found on much bigger and more expensive mills, but we feel that it should be standard equipment.


One of the most important structural features of a sawmill is the carriage. A strong carriage will allow for smooth travel along the track and stable sawing. That is why the WoodMaxx SM-26/e is built with a 4-post carriage/saw head design that weighs in at 575 lbs. The carriage of the WoodMaxx SM-26/e is so stable you can even saw veneer, a feat only the most robust mills can accomplish


Although the saw head is very heavy, it is easily raised and lowered with the easy reach mechanical advantage lift mechanism. The crank is designed for simple gauging of lumber thickness. For example, four 360 degree rotations of the handle will move the saw head up or down 5/4" (a very common size). Additionally, the ruler guide is located at eye level so there is no bending down to ready it.


Known for their extreme reliability SKF bearings are considered top of the line for any high-speed application where durability is a must. Additionally, these bearings are permanently sealed and require no additional lubrication. The seals on these bearings are superior and are weather tight to prevent water infiltration which greatly increases the longevity of the bearings.


Logs of up to 26" diameter can be sawn down to 19" square beams. Milling can produce lumber veneer thin or to 20" x 4" thick or 13-1/2" x 7" thick.


Dual log cants (one on each end of the log) allow for securing the log more firmly than tracks with just one center clamp. This feature all but eliminates the log from shifting or rocking abruptly during the cut, which can snap the blade quickly.


Mounted to the rear of the sawmill for safety, the 10-liter lubrication tank is translucent so that you can see the water level easily to prevent running out of water half way through the cut. Additionally, it is removable and includes a handle for carrying, which makes it easy to lower the tank to the ground for filling. Competitors use solid tanks that are fixed and fillable only from the front of the mill. With a solid tank, you don't know how much water is left in the tank until it runs dry halfway through the cut. Sawing without lubrication will quickly damage and dull the blade.


Simply squeeze the throttle handle and push. The engine on the WoodMaxx SM-26/e will throttle up to full speed, the water lubrication will flow and the saw carriage will move along the track. It's that easy! No valves to open and no engine throttle levers to adjust. This is the easiest system on the market. The handle allows the user to stand upright and clear to the right side of the mill with both hands on the push bar, competing mills require the operator to push on the carriage with their left hand in a leaning and awkward off-balance stance.


The WoodMaxx SM-26/e sawmill is designed to allow for a clear view of the blade by the operator while sawing. The push handle is adjustable to accommodate various size operators. Some mills have complicated structures that infringe on the view of the blade.


Safety is paramount, and inevitably there will be a situation where you will need to shut the mill down quickly (such as running the water tank dry, blade binding, etc.) That is why the WoodMaxx SM-26/e mill was designed with safety in mind and includes an easy-to-reach emergency switch that allows the user to stop the engine quickly. The last thing you want to do in an emergency situation is to reach across the mill to stop the engine at the engine switch. Additional safety features include a switch that disables the engine if the wheel covers are open.


Adjustable log rest allows for minute adjustments required to saw perfectly square timber with exact 90-degree corners.



Call WoodMaxx ™ 855-966-3629

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Best value October 18, 2017
Reviewer: james anglewicz from alanson, MI United States  
I wish I knew you were making sawmills. I just bought a hm130. The WoodMaxx mill looks like a better value, with nice extras. Lucky you new mill owners.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
I Love My New Saw October 16, 2017
Reviewer: Craig J from Ashland, OH  
I got the SM-26e saw mill together and up and running. It is a great machine. I am glad I went with the Wood Maxx mill over the other ones I looked at. The SM-26e has such great features like the electric start, automatic lubrication, a long 19' foot track, a transparent easy to fill water tank just to mention a few. The people at Wood Maxx are great to deal with also. I love my new saw!

Was this review helpful to you?

  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Great Saw Mill, Great Value September 27, 2017
Reviewer: Tommy Parmiter  
As a very satisfied owner of the MX-9900 chipper for the past three years I was eagerly awaiting for the WoodMaxx SM-26 sawmill to come on the market.  As a small business owner the key attribute I'm looking for in the products I purchase is value.  I want to get the best product for the money I spend, which is why I always look to WoodMaxx first.  WoodMaxx does an excellent job in producing quality products at an affordable price.  From the research I conducted no other company brings as much quality and capability at this price point.  The WoodMaxx SM-26 sawmill was easy to set up since the saw head and carriage are pre-assembled. The hardest part was setting up the track, and once that was accomplished I was milling in no time at all.  The mill head is solidly built and will cut true as long as you set your track properly.  It held a 1/4" cut perfectly for a 9ft black walnut log I was milling.  The Bi-Metal blades are awesome and last a long time.

Was this review helpful to you?

  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Highly Recommended September 14, 2017
Reviewer: Barry Sullivan  
I bought a Chipper from WoodMaxx earlier this year and purchased their new SM-26e Portable SawMill. Great company to deal with and the quality of their products and the value I have received has been really outstanding. The user manuals and instructions are excellent, I have had no issues putting together and using the Chipper or Sawmill and both have worked reliably without issue since I purchased them. And it is nice to be able to call a company to get advice where someone actually answers the phone and gives good advice. I highly recommend WoodMaxx and their products.

Was this review helpful to you?

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